About Us

Hapoel Jerusalem is a Jerusalem-based football club, operating as a not-for-profit organization entirely owned by its fans, the club’s trustees.

Hapoel Jerusalem places a strong emphasis on community-building and enhancing the lives of youth in Jerusalem. Its fans and trustees have taken it upon themselves to run projects for over 1500 children and youth from all walks of life in Jerusalem and its vicinity. We also run projects for adults.

The projects include a program for youth-at-risk living in special facilities away from home; a coexistence track for Arab and Jewish youth who live close to one another yet have minimal exposure to each other; a unique girls program and a program for youth and adults with disabilities. These projects operate alongside our young youth department.

Hapoel Jerusalem uses football to inculcate values of tolerance, equality and coexistence.

The First Team

Football Belongs to the Fans

Youth Department

The Future is Here

Youth at Risk

Giving a Chance

Neighbourhoods League

We Can All Play Together

Unified Teams

We Are the Other

Fan Zone

Babies are Welcome

1 on 1

Lowering Barriers

Unique Girls Program

Gender is Not an Obstacle

Football Academy

Home for Excellence

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