The Club

Hapoel Jerusalem FC Fans

Hapoel Jerusalem is one of Israel’s first football clubs, since 1926. Its current structure was established in 2007 by longstanding supporters who were unhappy with the way the club was run by its owners. First called “Hapoel Katamon Jeruslem”, the club was then reborn, and by 2020 won the legal name rights of the original club.

Our club is unique, as it is fully owned by its fans through a registered association. Thousands of fans throughout Israel support the club, most centered in its hometown of Jerusalem.

The club’s aim is to harness the immense popularity of football and the intense local patriotism it inspires, in order to bring social change in a city often characterized by tensions between its different religious and ethnic groups.

Hapoel Jerusalem FC Fans

Today, the association has almost 800 registered members, who elect 4 representatives to the club’s board of directors (3 additional members of the Board represent strategic partners of the association). The elected board members are volunteers who take responsibility for managing the club’s ongoing operations, including oversight of its budget. The annual membership fee is NIS 1200. 

Association members include men and women, young and old, of all backgrounds.

All of the club’s community activities are led by the fans, with over 120 volunteers on a daily basis. All activities are subsidized for those participants who, for a variety of reasons, cannot afford to pay. Our first team plays the second Israeli division, aiming to the top. Our journey has just started.

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