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Neighborhoods League

Neighborhoods League kids

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The Neighborhoods League is our flagship community program since 2009. Through football we try to promote coexistence, tolerance and academic excellence.

The program consists of setting up football teams in schools across the different neighborhoods of Jerusalem.

The teams practice twice a week, and the participating children attend a weekly educational center, where they receive support in their schoolwork and additional educational curricula.

Once a month all teams come together for a joint tournament. The league is unique in that it brings together children from all of Jerusalem's diverse backgrounds – Jewish and Arab, religious and secular, children from affluent neighborhoods and those from less fortunate economic backgrounds.

The league includes 37 teams from 17 schools with a total of about 600 children. Significantly, the league includes both boys and girls teams.

We have a major partner in the Neighborhoods League – UPLIFT.

A global media channel dedicated to sharing thought-provoking content that inspires positive change around the world. Our audience has access to free content on a range of topics, including – but not limited to – wellness, spirituality, science, and the earth.

UPLIFT stands for Unity, Peace and Love in a Field of Transcendence.

UPLIFT Belives that the Neighborhoods League inspires positive change in Jerusalem, and want to bring this inspirtion to the rest of the world.

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