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The Youth Department

U17 Team | Photography: Noy Oren

Our Youth Departments serving boys and girls aged 9-19, some who have outgrown the Neighborhoods League program and our football school.

The teams compete in the Israeli Football Association professional leagues. Including 4-5 weekly practices, weekly league matches are held over the weekends.

We are proud to say that we run the largest and most professional youth departments in the whole Jerusalem area, setting an example for the country at large. Currently, we operate 10 teams for boys and 4 teams for girls.

U15 Team | Photography: Eyal Amar
U17 Team | Photography: Noy Oren

For disadvantaged youth, the youth teams provide a critical and positive framework after school with emphasis on values of sportsmanship and sportsmanlike behavior, community responsibility, responsibility for one's actions and the importance of education.

The teams' staff is in monthly contact with players' schools, to ensure each player is working to maintain his/her grades while playing professional football.

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