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Fan Zone


Recognized by the Ministry of Sports as an anti-violence and anti-racism program in the football stadium, the Fan Zone includes a vast variety of activities for kids and adult. It commences two hours before a league match, attracting families to the stadium, and welcoming the rivals teams fans, too.

Kids playing FIFA
Kid with makeup

The Fan Zone is a part of the effort to create a family friendly, nonviolent atmosphere at our games, the club organizes fan zones starting about two hours before game time, full with games and activities for young children ages 3-13, as well as lectures on sports-related topics for older children and adults. The fan zone is of course open to fans of the visiting team, thus creating a positive, friendly atmosphere.

This type of initiative is unique in Israel, and it is run entirely by volunteers. Hundreds of families enjoy these events, and they have become a trademark of our match day experience. We all look forward to returning to our Fan Zone at Teddy Stadium, once the Covid restrictions allow it.

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