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Integrated Football School

Football school for kids with or without special needs

Beginning in the 2021-22 season, we are running the first football school of its kind, for children with different needs, whose care requires a different toolbox, and unique sensitivities, setup and training.

This is our football school for children in special and integrated education. A sports setting for children who are dealing with emotional or social difficulties, sensory regulation, physical awkwardness or attention deficit disorders. A framework that enables them to experience the game of football, to fulfill their desires, to produce a sense of ability and enjoyment.

As we learned in the "Unified Teams" that we founded for adults - the power is in the integration. More than 60 children, with and without special needs, currently play together in our teams, without exclusion. The value for all those involved is immense.


We are not alone here. With us is the "Ilay” NGO, which was established to make the game accessible, led by coach Ido Kovach, who has valuable experience in the field. The Ono Academic College, with Dr. Nitzan Almog, Director of Specialization in Integration and Inclusion, is a content and financial partner. The college matches students from its Department of Education and Society to accompany low-functioning children, as the practicum of their undergraduate degree.

Nayot Community Centre is responsible for the training field and registration. The Jerusalem Municipality is providing backing for the next three years, to ensure this will not be a passing episode, but rather a new institution in the city.


A football field. Three coaches and four students for every ten children, who to date have been unable to enjoy this experience, in each team. Based on the abilities of each participant, we meet every Monday and work in three separate groups: Pre-school, children and youth. Slowly, working through the difficulties and frustrations, with faith and love.

Read the article in "Liberal" magazine about our activity.

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