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New partnership between U.S. Embassy and neighborhood soccer league

The U.S. Embassy of Jerusalem will be supporting the Hapoel Katamon Jerusalem’s Neighborhood League.

This year, the U.S. Embassy of Jerusalem is giving support to the Hapoel Katamon Jerusalem neighborhood soccer league.

Hapoel Katamon's Neighborhood League project began 10 years ago in hopes of bringing children from different backgrounds together.

Now, the league has 51 teams from 25 different schools with more than 750 boys and girls and 26 coaches from all different cultures - Muslims, Christians, secular and religious Jews - all come together to play soccer and participate in educational training together.

The US Embassy says they see sports as a way to bridge gaps between different communities and "promoting a just, equal and shared society." “We believe in the power of people working together, playing together and learning together,” said Terry Davidson, Counselor for Public Affairs at the Embassy.  “We believe the Neighborhood Lea

gue is doing a remarkable job providing young Jerusalemites a chance to work together for a better future".


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